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Information regarding Coronavirus COVID-19 and upcoming AE tour groups

Updated as of: 16-Mar-2020



We are fielding many calls in our office from parents inquiring about potential trip cancellation and refunds. Please rest assured that your funds are protected and that American Edventures is your travel advocate in this unprecedented situation in the travel industry. We have been working very diligently on your behalf in the past days to contact all our supplier partners, who are also in the midst of this national emergency, to fully understand their respective policies in the event of cancellation due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. We are pleased to inform you that without exception, thus far, these companies all recognize that these circumstances are an extraordinary situation in our industry and are waiving fees, just as American Edventures will do. In the event that your tour may not take place as scheduled, we ask for your patience. It will take time to request and receive refunds. We will be working in full partnership with your school administration to determine whether trip will plans will be date revised or fully abandoned. As in our previous post, please allow time for events to unfold to inform us as to specifically how this will impact your travel dates.


As previously stated, the safety and security of our travelers and participants is of paramount importance and our highest priority. We will work in close coordination with school organizational leadership and principal travel partners to ensure that our student groups do not travel if it is determined to be too great of a health risk. Our hearts go out to all those who have been sickened by this global pandemic and pray for full recovery. We also pray that these difficult times lead many to the One who replaces fear and uncertainty with hope and assurance.


U.S. Travel: Emergency Preparedness and Response

U.S. Centers for Disease Control

World Health Organization: daily situation reports

World map of confirmed cases


We have received many inquiries regarding the AE response planning in the event of travel interruptions, quarantines while on tour, deposits and payments, and other related concerns if the outbreak should heighten. A few of the frequently asked questions have been addressed below and we will continue to update this page as needed.


Q: Do you have a plan in place?
A: Yes, we have a general emergency response plan. This plan includes communication, coordination, security and business continuity in the event of an unexpected situation (such as this) that threatens health and safety. For details about this plan please contact our office.

Q: Have you faced situations like this in the past?
A: Yes we have (to a degree). Our guides are particularly alert and proactive in the large urban areas we visit (e.g. New York, Washington DC, San Francisco). They are ever mindful of the potential for unexpected situations that can quickly escalate. Prudent care in planning coupled with tour guides that maintain situational awareness at all times have been instrumental in avoiding potential risks to the safety of our students and adults on tour.

Q: What happens if I decide it is too risky to travel?
A: Such a choice is always yours to determine. Although the current situation for domestic traveling within the United States does not present an undo risk of infection, we recognize that the scope of infection is still unknown. Situations such as the Coronavirus outbreak are beyond the control or anticipation of any company or organization, and it is because of possibilities such as this that we consistently and highly recommend some form of travel protection. Our internal product offering named the ‘travel refund plan’ (TRP) is such an consideration. Opting for TRP or availing yourself of third party travel insurance can provide greater peace of mind and also help protect your travel investments. Contact our office for more details.