Develop exciting ways and innovative means to incorporate learning and appreciation through our American heritage programs.  Thread our narratives of history with a perspective of faith in Christ and the word of God, making the experience even more valuable for both students and chaperones. Continually and creatively improve the content and presentation for highest impact, meaning and relevancy.


Core Competencies:  Excel at interpreting the tour sites and venues such that each person is not just informed but impacted.  Facilitate learning that is both extremely interesting and highly enjoyable.  Strong and intelligent group management.  Expert trip planning and itinerary facilitation.  Christian discipleship, service, and leadership.

Customer Service: Pay close attention to the details of the trip, with the foremost concern being safety.  From preparation to event, our imperative is to keep the tour safe, deliver on all the details, and remain on schedule.  We aim to delight our customers by partnering with them to facilitate a tour that responds to their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Continuous Improvement:  We purpose to make each tour better and save costs for our customers from season to season.  We continue to achieve this through fresh content, improved methods, superior suppliers, pricing competitive rates, and embracing innovative technologies.

IMG_20121012_094533-1We recognize that excellent service is best modeled in the personal relationships fostered with our participants.  Such is our commitment to cheerful dispositions, can do attitudes, and striving to make each tour experience the best people experience that it can be.