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DAY ONE: Red Hill Lutheran, Washington, D.C. 6-Day Tour

True story. The water exhibits have been turned off at the FDR Memorial. As we were enjoying room 3, the water exploded on and we were able to enjoy the full impact of the exhibit. God is good! After arriving safely at Dullas, and a great breakfast, Red Hill boys got in the bread line at the FDR Memorial Red Hill girls enjoy posing in front of the noisy water exhibit! What a treat! It was a cold and windy day….. Sounds like the start to a novel, but at the National Cathedral the wind was aggressive and cold, but didn’t cool our spirits! Our cathedral guide was wonderful….we learned so much! Red Hill students lay a wreath at the tomb of The Unknown Soldier! Another blessing. The weather in DC today was beyond. People who live here were giddy. We arrived at the Marine Memorial at dusk to witness a scene that will be in thousands of photos real soon. A “super” moon rising over the Capitol. There were a minimum of 300 photographers on the hills, and Red Hill got to see it AND the...

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Red Hill Lutheran, Washington, D.C. 6-Day Tour

It’s almost tour time – are you packed? Next stop...

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